Visiting Russia's Most Dangerous Town | Посещение самого опасного города в России

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Visiting Russia's Most Dangerous Town | Посещение самого опасного города в России фото

???????? Everyone told me not to go to Ak-Dovurak in Russia's Tuvan Republic. Being officially Russia's most dangerous town they said I was guaranteed to be beaten up, or worse. Well that sounded like an adventure I could not refuse and so I went there to see if the town lived up to its reputation...

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Sam Seven
15.04.2021 10:48:59
Wait till the sun goes away.
Gas Pack
13.05.2021 17:19:45
Man not gonna lie I wish that guy would have robbed tf out of you when you were flexing that wad infront of him lol
Vincent Toia
21.05.2021 02:00:35
Most of the time in dangerous places, the violence comes from the people that piss each other off that live there not from visitors coming in from out of town.
Andrii Motsok
24.03.2021 16:41:09
Visit Magadan or Kolyma :)
zachary blasi
10.05.2021 21:00:24
Man I would love to visit Russia.
07.04.2021 23:40:33
I think Bald should try that in Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago here in the US.
Coen Groves
15.04.2021 08:58:54
This looks like garrys mod
Edward Jaycocks
23.04.2021 02:18:01
I’ve never been to this city I’ve never been to Russia I’ve been to some of the worst places on the planet in my time and I’ve got to agree never been harmed maybe apart from one incident other than that it was okay even though they were the worst places potentially on the planet so I see where he’s coming from you’re told one thing and then you get the exact opposite however I wouldn’t push your luck too much it does run out eventually....I suppose for YouTube you will carry on I wonder why
Forget About It
07.04.2021 17:22:04
It's better than in Venezuela, but still it was not a good idea to do what you did ;)
26.04.2021 20:25:53
Oh, oh,
Ytje Pool
26.03.2021 07:44:25
I was driving in a bus here. Got a follower. Nice eyes.
CrimsonVixen94 X
30.03.2021 09:27:54
“Even these guys don’t wanna kill me... so dissappointing????????” I honestly died hahaha
Олег Шеварёв
01.04.2021 12:10:29
Did I laugh? Oh, boy!
Jim Y
31.03.2021 14:15:23
by 03:03 I wanted to kick your @$$.
Xi PingPong
05.04.2021 02:37:08
Maybe try again at the night time..
Candide Schmyles
05.04.2021 01:23:18
The reputation of Mossad agents precedes you. But now everyone knows you carry lots of cash, well its only a matter of time....
Joseph Anthony
21.04.2021 07:53:23
You are so funny!
Oskar Bjornstad
14.04.2021 16:16:34
But I was told merica
Сергей Дробязко
06.04.2021 00:46:18
If u want to be treated badly, go to any indian shop in London...
19.04.2021 12:20:29
I'm usually enjoying your work but you went overboard here flashing money in public like that.Most of people you came across were older villagers,they have no clue what currency was in your hand,and how much is worth,could've been monopoly money.Sure,if you converted it to Russian Ruble and walked around with pile of cash in local currency,you would came across some chancers.Anyways bad video
Matt Denman
20.04.2021 18:19:02
Well you’re fortunate to have the physique of a mob boss. People likely figured you were one of the dangerous ones walking around mugging people.At 3:30 you looked like you were scouting the area before going in to the building to commit a murder or other crime lol.
Imrul Kabir
30.03.2021 18:57:35
Plot twist, they are all scared of you HAHAHA
Carl Emil Zeidler
03.04.2021 22:34:13
try Mezhgorye
olavi pohjalainen
17.04.2021 16:47:57
This guy is truly crazy , but I love him xdd
Ashot Hakopian
28.03.2021 01:38:27
I enjoy your shoes every time I see video it's very nice.but maybe less people has been stabet in Soviet Union than any other country in the world
James Miller
13.04.2021 12:15:24
Believe me, as I live here, in England you could get mugged easily and even murdered for for as little as £300. And in London for £3!Motivation for crime isn’t only poverty, in fact uncivilised and low culture is the main cause. Agree?
Pradeepkumar Gayam
10.04.2021 16:48:49
Waving the cash part - cringe.
GuanJun 1
11.04.2021 14:02:09
Shows you are barbaric western Europe and the US really are.
Madi Gazizov
24.03.2021 09:06:30
At night most dangerous than in the evening ????Хотя мб его тупа побоялись шманать из-за того, что он иностранец(странная причина, но всё таки)
aydın atasoy
25.03.2021 13:12:57
you must visit Adana - Turkey, you cant walk 5 minute on the street with money on hand, you can be sure they can steal your kidney :)
01.05.2021 00:28:47
Why don't you take a nightwalk in the same places in there?
23.03.2021 00:54:34
Люди в России не знают как выглядят фунты и сколько они стоят. Живу в Канаде и все равно не знаю.
Damian Brown
04.04.2021 02:05:30
Has he ever actually been properly in trouble? In this one he looks more like a Russian gangster than normal ????
CrimsonVixen94 X
30.03.2021 09:47:42
This video is underrated as a British comedy video ????????????. “he could be shouting greetings! Or he could be shouting that he’s gonna get a gang of local youths and murder me.. I dunno” The sarcasm hits different ????????
Ben Forshaw
01.04.2021 23:27:54
It is Russia’s most dangerous town because it produces Asbestos....they mugged you of your lungs!
Vlado Hlozka
17.04.2021 22:00:17
A pitty you did not try that in Lunik IX.
A. K.
23.04.2021 16:03:32
Won''t you introduce us to your friend there?Is that how you've met Alina?
Ashot Hakopian
28.03.2021 01:40:18
Soviet people probably most coolest people in the world, don't you think,they don't get confused like English people every time, right
Milinda Chathuranga
06.04.2021 18:16:58
I really really love you man!!
26.03.2021 12:49:14
where is the disclaimer "please try this at your local most dangerous place" ?
It Master
21.04.2021 13:58:21
walking on the main square in city center is nothing. Go somewhere else to find some gopnik and do it same ...
11.04.2021 05:14:48
Looks like Erengal or Vikendi from PUBG
16.04.2021 14:46:18
Do Milwaukee Wisconsin next, walk down 27th st... wouldn't make it a block.
Justin Brokke
09.05.2021 23:01:49
Goto o block Chicago
Fubar CNC
22.03.2021 04:02:16
Personally love the videos, but I mean waving that cash in front of an old shorter man than you and expecting to get mugged. The guy would have to have the fighting skills of Mister Miyagi from karate kid.lmao
05.05.2021 23:01:20
Go to Ferentari, Bucharest, Romania with a camera out like this.
James Powell
22.03.2021 17:38:57
Cringey. Bald you make me nervous
Rotator Cuff Injury
15.04.2021 16:14:42
Come to Boogapest's non-tourist areas, I dare you mate ;)
01.04.2021 12:48:51
He looks like an alpha male mafia boss that would put a cap in you if you even layed a finger on him, no wonder why no body messed with him.
Jessica Summer
23.04.2021 01:28:15
Educational and hilarious ????
Kristian Hornacek
03.04.2021 20:45:51
Go to the West Country's and they kill you for the money..
21.04.2021 03:54:22
gets stabbedBald and bankrupt: As you can see this man is stabbing me with this historic soviet knife
Rondu Anthony
29.03.2021 18:01:32
You shouldn’t mock those people! I think you were only safe because you went exploring around 7am. I think the story would have been different if you tried this around 8pm
Ralf Tobsky
26.03.2021 22:48:39
hey Dude :-) You have to try polish vodka zubrowka with apple juice mixed what we called in Poland apple pie - enjoy and bye bye dude :-) yours movie are awesome :-)
Сергей Дробязко
06.04.2021 00:50:00
Next time try to walk around with your money in Hackney
Tobias Macho
06.05.2021 23:09:14
The bar looked pretty nice honestly
Lola Green
27.03.2021 00:38:28
if you wanna get killed, go to Detroit
Tom Jerry's
02.04.2021 00:18:27
The most dangerous place in the world is hier 3:09 omg
Jay Morgan
25.03.2021 10:35:51
Don't feel bad. It's not you it's them. I would have robbed you for 3 grand! ????
Said Nimr
25.03.2021 15:01:55
...just subscribed. Great tourist guides on your channel.
kids gaming
15.04.2021 19:49:10
I'm from Vietnamese
Christopher Nogueira
05.04.2021 11:26:55
The problem is u look Russian
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